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Learn to prepare Japanese food for restaurants and other establishments. 

Our in-depth Sushi making study program can help you explore the important fundamentals of professional cooking. You may be involved in studying menus to estimate food requirements and obtain the necessary food from storage or suppliers, washing, peeling and cutting vegetables, cleaning and cutting meats, fish and poultry and cleaning kitchen equipment and cooking utensils.

You may also be involved in preparing, seasoning and cooking Japanese dishes as soups, salads, meats, fish, vegetables,  and casseroles, carving meats, preparing portions on a plate and add gravies, sauces and garnish to servings or rolling sushi.

Upon successfully completing the required teaching hours and technical training periods, graduates will be awarded a completion certificate in Japanese Cooking issued by Tokyo Express.

Current Available Culinary Courses

Japanese Back Kitchen Class (1 Month)

This One month Back Kitchen Cooking Class is mixed with in class and shadowing teachings. This program is designed for people who want to learn the art of Japanese cuisine for leisure or career purposes. With this hands-on course, you can learn to cook Japanese dishes just as in the restaurants.

Sushi Cooking Class (2 Months)

In this course, you will learn different varieties of sushi like classic and modern sushi roll, learn to decorate sushi dishes, all in just one month. After the completion of this course you will be able to make Sushi for your family, friends and guests.

Japanese Restaurant Supervisor Class (2 Months)

You can take this program once you completed the Back Kitchen Class and Sushi Cooking Class or you have previous experience working at a Japaneses restaurant.

What our Students are Saying?

Sarah Mitchell
Sarah Mitchell
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"Joining the Japanese Culinary Class at Toky Express Restaurant was a revelation for me. The techniques and ingredients were explained so clearly, and I was amazed at the dishes I was able to create by the end. A must-try experience for anyone in Edmonton!"
Liam Hernandez
Liam Hernandez
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"I've always been a fan of Japanese cuisine, but the Culinary Class at Toky Express took my appreciation to a whole new level. Learning from true experts in a hands-on environment was truly invaluable. I'm now confident in my sushi-making skills!"
Ronaldo Guno
Ronaldo Guno
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"The atmosphere, the chefs, the recipes - everything about the Japanese Culinary Class at Toky Express was top-notch. I left each class with new knowledge and a sense of accomplishment. Edmonton is lucky to have such an authentic and enriching experience available."