T​okyo Express

Tokyo Fruit Tea

Mango Strawberry                       $5.99

Mango + Strawberry pieces with green tea 

Peach Mango                               $5.99

Mango Pieces with peach infused in green tea

Passion Tangle                            $5.99

Passion fruit with green tea

The Red Tangle                            $5.99

Strawberry + pineapple with green tea

Fuzzy Peaches                              $5.99

Peach green tea

Avocado Smoothie                      $5.99

Fresh avocado blended with 2% milk

Pink Lemonade                             $5.99

Hot strawberry with honey and fresh lemon slices

Coffee Menu

Hot Matcha Latte                         $6.49

Organic matcha whisked with 2% milk

Americano                                     $2.99

Americano with mini marshmallow

Genmaicha                                    $1.99

Japanese style green tea with roasted rice

Hot Chocolate                               $2.99

Hot chocolate with mini marshmallow

Caffe Mocha                                  $3.99

Hot rich mocha with mini marshmallows

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