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No Experience Needed!

You don’t have to be a Master Sushi Chef to own a Tokyo Sushi Express Franchise.

Tokyo Express does not require franchisees to have any experience in preparing sushi. Or even in the restaurant industry! In fact, most of our partners did not know the first thing about how to prepare sushi.

All of our new partners start with a four-week (more if needed) in-house training. Our training processes will cover all aspects of operating a successful restaurant.

So why us?

We are a small business that wants to grow in the right way. Our success is a result of our partners’ success. We are confident that if we help our franchisee partners create a profitable restaurant, they will continue to grow with us.

Partner with Tokyo Express

What we Offer?

  • Low initial investment compared to other QSR chains.
  • We prefer to grow our brand slowly. This allows us to focus on our franchisee’s success.
  • We believe in providing our partners with the option of owning one or multiple stores.
  • Proven, simple and streamlined operating system
  • Local franchise support and business consulting.
  • Our model is straightforward and easy to run. No experience necessary.
  • Great locations are available.
  • Proven franchise model with excellent profit potential.
  • High-quality, great-tasting products.
  • Ongoing Coaching with Experienced restaurant owners.
  • Weekly virtual manager meetings.
  • Unique Brand. We are different. Different is good!
  • We invest in you. Several financing options available.

To learn more on how you can partner with us and invest in yourself please complete the contact box below, and we will send you our information package.
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Tokyo Express Partner?

Tokyo Sushi Express is one of Edmonton’s most beloved and recognizable brands, with 11 locations open across the city and area. We are now slowly expanding our brand across Alberta and searching for entrepreneurs wanting to realize their dreams of owning a family restaurant that serves their communities.

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